July Mid Summer CEO Space Forum

CEO Space Mid Summer Forum

July 19-21:  Pre-Forum Class on Raising Capital

Directed by Berny Dohrmann & Vincent Molina with legal assistance of Steve Myers &  Maria Speth

July 20-21 Pre-Forum Workshops & Networking

Forum Opening: Tuesday Morning 8am

Forum Closing: Sunday afternoon 2pm

Mass Marketing Boot Camp: Thursday July 25 through Saturday morning , July 27

(This boot camp is for all participants who wish to forward their product or service in to  one or more of the mass markets that are available  today. )

If you are a first time attendee  starting your forum by Sunday, July 20 is a must. This will allow you to gear up by discovering the rich cooperative manner of networking at our forums.

You will learn by doing. You will learn through example. You will learn through returning members who understand  how we come to cooperatively assist one another.

Come with your agenda written down. Come with intent. Then… place that aside and go help others.

Something  nearly magical to you will occur. You will find by focusing on helping others, others will, in turn, wish to help you.

Can you imagine going to a conference, expo, workshop or networking event and having hundreds of others actually networking for you?

We don’t go to push our product or service as much as we go to help others.


How to break the ice:

First, don’t wait for others to come to you. Instead, go to others.

Introduce yourself… and then… ask…

What is it that you do?

What is it that you need next?

Who is you target audience?

How may I serve you?


If you truly listen to them… They will in turn wish to know the  same about you and sincerely you will each want to help the other.

Second, watch the magic happen. Through the week you will build a sales force helping you to reach your goals.

If by Friday you don’t believe that we can assist you to grow your business… come see us. We will refund your membership.

If you have seen the progress but have not completed ALL of your goals by our closing networking event  Berny will ask the entire gorup

if there is any one who needs  further assistance in making their needed connections, etc.

You will then have the opportunity to give your SNAP before the entire forum.

Bottom Line: We do not wish to have anyone return home without receiving all that they came for.

For further detail of the forum and what CEO Space can do to assist you to  build your business

faster, easier and more reliably… contact us :

Call: 302.698.1709

Email:  Cheryl@ceospacemidatlantic.com

or visit: http://ceospaceinternational.com


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