Equip Yourself To Build Your Business Team With New Strategies

Thursday, July 12, 2012  6:30pm

Equipping Yourself To Build You and Your Business Team With New Strategies

To truly understand how to build your business most would recognize you need to assemble a team behind you that has a track record of building business. The problem is that most of us do not have access to this level of assistance nor do we have the capital necessary to assemble this winning team.

What if someone who has been successful recognized these problems and set out to create an environment in which you, the small business person, has access to the same resources the more successful bigger businesses has? What would that be worth to you?

In the next two weeks (Thursday, July 12 and Thursday, July 19) we will explore what it takes to equip yourself to build both you and your business team to become highly successful.

On Friday June 15 at the Annual INPEX Inventors Convention (The largest in the USA) announced the grand prize winner over the 450+ projects represented.  The winning invention was “OpticWash”.

The most interesting part of this is that this project was represented at the INPEX two years ago. The inventor, Bryan Myers met with Rob & Cheryl Adams who discussed with him how CEO Space may be able to assist him to move his project forward more quickly. They set up a meeting between Bryan and the CEO Space Founder, Berny Dohrmann. Upon the completion of this meeting Bryan was convinced that  CEO Space could, in fact, speed up everything. He attended the CEO Space forum which was held the following month. That was the beginning of what it took to equip Bryan to become the CEO he wished to be along with building a winning team behind him that could see the billion dollar industry that was waiting before him.

To prove it to himself and the world, Bryan brought back his “finished product” to  this year’s INPEX and won the overall Grand Prize.

For Bryan, this is only the beginning. He knows he has a winning team behind him and he plans not to take his product to the world.

Come join us as we describe so many projects like Bryan’s who have come to CEO Space where we have equipped them to be all they want to be. We have helped them to not only think of themselves as winners but to truly become winners.

This week we will discuss the many winning projects we have been working with. We will explore how we just may be able to do the same thing for you.

Next week we will have one of the CEO Space mentors who focuses on “Transformational Leadership” describe from his view how CEO Space could work to equip you with a winning plan and a winning business team to boldly approach the new market ahead of you.

Rob & Cheryl Adams

Your “A Team” to Success











Every one of us who has or is diligently working to build a business knows your business will need a lot of capital because you have upfront costs before you begin to see income. If you begin to grow quickly due to the negative cash flow it’s a catastrophe waiting to happen.


There are generally two ways to build your business: Using Your Own Money and Using Other People’s Money. In the nest two CEO Space Greenbelt meetings we will compare and contrast these methods.

We will consider the pros and cons the Whys and the Why Nots.


Some of the more traditional ways of financing a small business:

  • Small Business Association (SBA) Loans
  • Traditional Commercial Bank Loans
  • Equipment Leases & Loans
  • Lines of Credit and Unsecured Loans
  • Creative Leverage of Existing Assets




What do you do when you don’t qualify at these institutions?


We, at CEO Space, show you alternative methods.

Larger businesses gain their financing through OPM (Other People’s Money) using public offerings. Small businesses can use a similar process known as private offerings.

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