Website Optimisation for Improving search engine rankings

As well as content – high-quality, unique and relevant content, there are other factors at a site owner’s control (i.e. you don’t need external influences such as externals links to your site) to assist improve search engine ranking positions which ultimately result in increased sales and conversions.
Title Tags: Still (in my opinion) one of the most crucial considerations for excellent optimization. Search engines like google and bing are starting, and I see this more and more, to truncate or even rewrite title tags to something they think more useful and relevant. Advice here is to make your title tags every bit as good, unique and relevant as is possible to overcome this. Each of these tags should have keywords in, don’t overdo it, and be around 65 characters long – including spaces. In case you cause it to be too long the final word will truncate and get shortened, this doesn’t look good. This tag will be the one you notice in a search result, it’s always the blue link and is also the text which a bookmark will adopt. Due to this, I will usually make homepage tags have brand name at the start and for inner pages have brand right at the end, or completely get rid of it altogether. It’s more useful to get keywords than just increasingly more brand details. You’ll need to have a separator too between keywords – nearly everybody make use of a pipe (thin vertical line) or perhaps a hyphen. Either is good really.Alt tags align themselves perfectly with image names, so I will cover them both here. An alt tag is really intended for the visually impaired who may be utilizing a screen reader so making this describe your unique content and layout of the page is an awesome idea. In case a user has images switched off in their browser, the placeholder will show the alt tag here too. Produce them short and snappy, use your keywords, don’t spam and write one for each image used. For image names, if uploading from a camera, don’t use the automatically generated name along the lines of the dcs435677.jpg, but rename it to blue-washers.jpg or whatever is on the page text, details and body.Header Tags run from H1 to H6, I like to think of such things newspaper headlines. So, an H1 is precisely what the content is centred on and H2 – don’t even bother going much lower, should be supporting content for extra paragraphs. Naturally, it’s possible to style header tags within your html and code in order to make them use a certain font, be so big as well as a certain colour. Much like other tags, these need to be unique per page and only use a single H1 tag per page. It’s alright to have multiple H2 downwards tags.Description tags. The much derided poorer relation among those mentioned before, this tag is the one which is delivered beneath the title tag, and is two lines, around 150 characters, of fine sales letter copy. Description tags are an art form, they’ve no bearing on ranking position, but obviously a large bearing on click through which equals traffic. What’s the purpose being primary within a search result if nobody clicks the link! Experiment with different calls to action in your description tags, it’s ok to duplicate these just slightly – i like to find a template and design that matches and after that drop the respective key phrases in. Don’t forget to include your keywords (that you are trying to rank for) here as they will be made strong/bold in the search engine results, which happens to be confirmed to catch the attention, which helps to get the click without a doubt.
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If you’re able to get all these aspects right for each and every page you would like to promote and rank for you’ll be well on the way to higher organic traffic and achieving just a tad more of a one up on your competitors. That being said the only thing stopping you here is yourself, do the work and see the benefits and advantages. Just rinse and repeat for all your pages, if that’s a bit daunting, start with home and main product/services pages.

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