The Benefits of LED Home Lighting

The recent development of a19 led bulbs has gone very quickly. Today there are good alternatives to replace conventional incandescent and halogen lamps with LED lighting. Early LED lights usually had a cold light and was made ​​up of most small LEDs. Today’s lights however have a mindra number of high performance power LED . The development of LED lighting has quickly made ​​it possible to have warm white LED lights .
Advantages of LED lamporLED tape
The benefits of using LED lights instead of regular lights are numerous. The foremost is of course energy savings. An LED bulb consumes up to 10 times less than a standard bulb , still shines as strong.
Other advantages are the low heat development . This makes LED lights at a very fire safe option . Today it is increasingly common to use recessed downlights in the ceiling and under cabinet in eg kitchen. These lamps usually contain halogen lights which get very hot after a short while. Each year, most fires are caused in homes and villa because of these lights . An LED bulb never gets warmer than 60-70 degrees even after very long use .
Furthermore , the lifetime of LED lights is very long, depending on the model varies between 25 000 and 100 000 hours. If a PWM dimmer is used for LED lamp is extended still further.
LED lamps contain no lead or mercury which makes them a much better option as compared to lighting with compact fluorescent bulbs . The EU has decided that the bulb will be phased out , it has also in Sweden have decided to ban the use of mercury. It can be difficult to get these two targets to interact as most incandescent bulbs are replaced with CFLs. We recommend that LED lights are used instead. There are several replacement lamps today.
An LED light is also very clear and flicker-free light. Many EHS individuals can not use CFLs because of the ” unclean” light they create. People who long staying in rooms with fluorescent lighting often get headaches. With LED lighting avoids this problem and the lighting environment in your home or workplace will be much better .
LED tape , flexible belysningssekena suitable as counter lighting in the kitchen – dimmable
With LED lights and the lighting are many different possibilities. LED’s small design makes it very easy to install and with
Using LED lights create a personal lighting with unique lighting effects is straightforward. Many LED lights are available in different colors and use them in a garden or a kitchen creates very unique effects.
That said LED lights have seen as the future of lighting. Even today you have the opportunity to try these LED lights.

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