MMA Mats – The Basics

In more or less any training program, there will come an instance when you need to get down upon the floor as a way to completely train oneself. This post will review some of the variations in layout elements available to you so that you can be confident that the cushion you choose will go well with your special needs.

Yoga mats: These are, typically, the slimmest pads out there. Yoga’s priority is on holding static or dynamic positions for particular periods of time. The importance on making them slim is to boost the tactile feedback accessible to the yoga specialists’ bare-foot. More tactile feedback allows the yoga expert to keep balance much better compared to decreased feedback from greater thickness. Additionally, yoga mats often have an uneven surface. They are created to stay sticky while slick with moisture content to enable experts maintain balance.

Pilates pads: These pads are a bit thicker compared to yoga mats. Their priority is to offer you support to the lower back as well as the spine while you are doing core Pilates exercises. While many yoga mats give slip resistant characteristics, built-in Pilates mats often don’t. Pilates has got fewer concentration on sustaining upright steadiness, and much more of a focus on activities that should be performed on the floor. Because of the lack of focus on straight-up exercises while Pilates mats sometimes have a similar texture to yoga mats, they don’t necessarily have the target on keeping stickiness while smooth.

Exercise pads: Exercise mats will run thicker than the above categories. Their designed use varies, but generally it is to give cushioning while performing weight based on training exercises, such as lunges. As a general function pad, they can have qualities and elements available just like the other types. However, if utilized for those purposes, you will often discover that they do not function as well as a specialized cushion would.

MMA Pads: MMA mats from firms like or Mixed Martial Arts mats are going to be the thickest pads available because of their intended use – which is to prevent harm during training session. Given that the exercises that happen on these types of pads are high-impact, they need to support very well and absorb much of the pressure that your body otherwise will get. These routines involve practice grappling, throwing, performing take-downs, getting taken down, falling over, and a few tumbling exercises. While the other three mats can be utilized somewhat interchangeably, I like to recommend that MMA pads can be used for any high impact activity listed. The rest do not offer adequate support to avoid unnecessary tension to your body. Do not forget that extra tension sooner or later will likely trigger pain.

Of the four cushion varieties discussed, it is necessary once again to highlight that while some mats may be used for the same purposes, separate design ideas mean that they’re designed for different applications to you. There will be a trade off to approaching it in this way. In most cases, that trade off could possibly be tolerable. Yet, to reduce the danger of accident, in the event you perform high impact activities, MMA mats are the only secure option.

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