Indy Car Racing is a Family Sport

But, hey, as Binford points out, Indy Car racing is a family sport. I believe Donnie emerged the victor. He is now retired on Long Island. This is in reference to William Jeanes’s remark about thousands upon thousands of truck tractors having saddle tanks and being Great whopping reservoirs containing hundreds of gallons of fuel ready to explode and erase whole villages. Please confine your writings to subjects you know something about. Mated to an automatic transmission, it ran a bit slower than our last 125-hp 1.6-liter Civic EX five-speed, but otherwise the Domani drives and handles like a softer, more luxurious Civic. Rock ‘N’ Roll Road Trip organizes famous and forgotten places in musical history into a trip-ready format.

Sounds that are made but shouldn’t be made are apparently never forgiven. And so it was that this small coterie of nascent internationalists—plus a few heavy-footed newcomers like Fitch, an intense competitor named Tommy Cole, and a hulking, bespectacled New Englander named Bill Spear—came to Watkins Glen in 1950 not to posture in the heady trappings of racing drivers but to ride the ragged edge to victory. Even if it is twelve years old. From a real working truck driver’s perspective, the important thing about the new Ram series is that it offers the highest GCW (gross combined weight, the sum of payload and towing capacities) of any full-size truck on the market. Considering the glut of two-place sports cars, is there room for another, no matter how original? Milliken has no memory of Goldschmidt’s Allard being in sight, which makes it improbable that Collier was pushing the limit in trying to escape him.

Then she compares these inky prints with the little chunk of dental stone. What are we going to do, Bobby? Of all the GATT markets, Europe is one of the most closed, he said. He went on to play trombone and tuba—still does, in fact, when concert opportunities arise. At higher revs, though, it doesn’t remind him of anything. On the GSR, 195/55VR-15s replace last year’s 195/60VR-14s for added grip, and a front-suspension tower brace is added to further increase chassis rigidity (speaking of which, let’s not forget the inevitable 40 percent stiffer body structure). Still, just because they and we have similar expectations for the sounds cars should make, you mustn’t get the idea that music guys are exactly like you and me. I love blower motors, the sound of a V-8 tuned to perfection, the look of fenderless cars. Any well-schooled audio engineer would insist on having a standard repertoire, says Mike Rosen of Orange auto glass, explaining why he’s seemingly never without his wallet of nine CDs.

Don’t think of this newly refined 325i convertible as a sunshine-only car. Style-wise. This was a Grand Prix of sorts: the third annual at Watkins Glen. During the summer of 1948, Argetsinger’s impudent 54-hp MG was nothing more than a curiosity on the twisty roads around Watkins Glen. He lives in much-honored retirement in California after selling his magnificent automobile collection to Miles Collier Jr., himself a noted vintage-car competitor, Porsche enthusiast, and amateur Egyptologist. The middle-level Selec-Trac system, which is optional in all Grand Cherokee models, employs a center differential, so four-wheel drive can also be used on dry pavement. This tool, in conjunction with a new rapid-prototyping system using easily cut and shaped foam, helps engineers to zero in on an all-blue pressure seat in weeks, instead of months. See this gouge? But NHTSA still wants GM to recall the vehicles because it considers the placement of the fuel tanks to be unsafe. At idle, the balance-shaft four sounds unmistakably four-cylinderish, although it’s relatively smooth.

Following his incessant brushes with death, the reader begins to wonder not so much why Villeneuve died so young but where the Almighty found the patience to keep him alive as long as He did. Should the driver prefer to manage wheelspin unassisted, there is a switch for disabling the system. New to the Winston Cup circuit for 1993, the Maxwell House T-Bird is owned and run by Bill Davis, who until this season successfully campaigned cars in the stepping-stone Busch Grand National series. Instead, Dale winged his full-face helmet at Hillin, a very small target tucked inside a car passing at, well, the race average was 84.7 mph.

Other traditional Mercedes core values—like safety, efficiency, and performance— are also significantly upgraded, they say. The result is a platform with a natural frequency of 25 Hz (the higher the number, the stiffer the car). Naturally, a man used to designing cars from clean paper isn’t afraid to draw outside Henry Ford’s lines.

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