City uses LED light

In Hanau do not want the entire street lighting to be converted , but lack the money . In other cities, and almost the entire district of Wetterau the switch to LED lighting has already happened .
Hanauer streets and squares are soon to appear in a new light – at least in the dark. Instead of the conventional gas discharge lamps should in future semiconductor light-emitting diodes (LEDs ) provide brightness. The lower power consumption and longer shelf life to recoup the investment soon . Unlike other municipalities, the city takes the conversion but still not across the board.
With the renovation of downtown gradually disappear conventional lamps. About a year ago , the city had installed on a section of road hammer a test track for several streetlights . The model with the sleek glass cylinder won the favor of the citizens and has since been placed in the renovated downtown areas such as the Nuremberg street and the driveway. The light sources are LEDs in the lamp body . With the economical light donors , the new Liberty Square bus station , parks and the main cemetery to be illuminated , it is said of the city. A total of 220 LED lamps are installed .
Only 30 percent of electricity consumption compared
A replacement of all street lights , as it happens in other cities and in almost the entire district of Wetterau , stands in Hanau but not before . In the Wetterau the regional utility OVAG fitted in around two dozen local street lamps, a total of 50 000 For this, they entered into an agreement with the local authorities . By September , the program will be completed , which is funded by the German Federal Environmental Agency .
The power consumption of the new ” bulbs ” is only 30 percent compared to the previous assembly, said OVAG spokesman Andreas Matlé . But part of the balance sheet also that several hundred tons of carbon dioxide will no longer pollute the air . In terms of waste prevention , the bill goes to the benefit of the environment. With up to 50 000 operating hours, the technician would have four times less often climb into the truck to replace the used lamps , so Matlé . Purely mathematically now every 20 years must be changed the bulbs every four years instead of the current .
Zürckhaltung because of the costs
The Hanauer Environmental Services Andreas Kowol ( Green ) explains the reluctance of the town of Hanau, with the cost . ” In Hanau there is no road fee statutes with which this conversion could be speeded up ,” he said. Thus, the town had to adapt to a multi-year process. Primarily very old plants would be equipped with only low light quality with LED technology, adjacent to downtown first . The city will soon apply for a federal grant .
Kowol said that it also talks with Stadtwerke Hanau admit with the aim of a light – contracting, similar to the Wetterau region with the OVAG . In general, this requires the city to purchase lighting electricity at a specified price over a fixed period of the SWH . In return, the supplier shall bear the costs for the installation.
Meanwhile, leaves the city with money from the federal government LED bulbs in schools and sports facilities screw . Alone for the swimming pool at the pool lamps in which infected earlier halogen spotlights, now the electricity bill by 1700 euro is lower as well . The LEDs with again Lichtästethik may appear in comparison to the energy saving lamp, Kowol looks at the historical lanterns in front of castle Philippsruhe . There, the LED now better meet the requirements of monument protection.
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