Check your car before it’s MOT

If you were to follow a few key guidelines, getting your car to pass its MOT without paying high costs is feasible.

Having your car pass an MOT will ensure that it’s in good safe condition, which in turn gives you peace of mind.
It can be a pain to take your car every year for its MOT but to be honest safety is certainly worth paying for.
I like to look at an MOT as protecting anyone that will ride in your car whether that’s you or your family and friends.

Doing regular maintenance task and diagnostic checks on your car really can benefit your car when it comes to its MOT.
If you know beforehand, the kind of things that are checked on a car during its MOT then you can take preventative measures to ensure those things are in good working order.

I have created a list of things that can be done do help your car through its MOT whilst keeping the bill low.

1. Your exhaust
Your exhaust needs a thorough examination.

Most MOT checks are focused a lot on your cars exhaust system. Ensure its not blowing r making any other strange noises.

2. Tyres
Always check your tyre pressures.

In fact, a good habit to get into to check the tyre pressures every time you fill your car up with petrol or diesel.
If your tyres are always at the correct pressure then your car will be more economical. Take a look at the tread on your tyres and also note whereabouts on the tyre the tread is worn. You will want to replace any tyres that have illegal tread.
MOT testers as well as random police checks will always check the tread of your cars tyres. Having worn tyres and driving in wet and icy conditions can lead to many silly accidents.

3. Brakes

One of the most important parts of any car are its braking systems. Ensure that your cars brake pads have plenty of padding left and that they don’t squeak or make noises. It goes without saying that your brakes need to be in tiptop condition.

4. Car fluids

Fluids are like the blood of your car and its critical for them to remain topped up to ensure a smooth running engine.

Here are some of the fluids that need checking and topping up on a regular basis:




Windscreen wash

Engine oils

There really isn’t any excuse for not letting these go low, as it’s a relatively easy job. If you park your car on the drive or on the road outside of your house then make sure you check the ground below. You may find small leaks, which caught in time, can save a lot of money.

5. All round check

The very last thing you should do is to take walk around the car to see what you notice. Is there anything hanging lose? Are there any scratches in the paintwork? What about the exhaust and mud flaps? Make sure everything is tightened up ready for the MOT.

Ensure these things are taken care of and your MOT bills will be lower.

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