A quick start up guide to SEO for Photographers

Search engine optimisation for photographers takes a lot of work and effort, but if done well it can be the thing that really gets you noticed online. Nowadays, you have to have a good understanding of how the internet operates in order to successfully push yourself, especially in a creative industry that is already highly competitive.

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According to Google SEO requires good content, usability and circulation. Managing photography SEO when you’re already a dab hand at writing makes the process an awful lot easier, but what if you’re creative in other ways and still need to improve your site’s rankings? For example, photography is a fantastic and beautiful form of expression, but simply showcasing your work on a website won’t be enough to generate the traffic and custom that you’ve been looking for. There are other things that you need to take into consideration

Photography SEO is all about increasing your exposure and ensuring that the best photography websites receive the best rankings in search engines, so a photographer’s first step is to prime their site for SEO. Here are some basic tips that will help a photographer to get started with their SEO.

•Keep it simple and effective – If you’re not a technology whiz, never fear. A content management system will allow you to easily post content and share it over the internet; in fact WordPress is highly regarded amongst the professional photography community because of its ease and simplicity, so it’s a must for anyone getting started. Google something like ‘how to use wordpress’ to get started.

•Build up an online presence – As a photographer, it’s important that people get a sense of your personality through your work and content, as more often than not it’s personality that makes all the difference with creative work. Social networking gives you a cheap and incredibly effective method of self-promotion; simply create accounts on the best known social networking sites and get sharing. Eventually, your followers will be sharing your information too.

•Link building – Creating external links to your website is an amazingly effective way to generate traffic.

SEO for photographers doesn’t have to be complicated, though it will take some work. You could even seek the services of professional marketers if you feel the need, but there are plenty of steps that you can take to get started.

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