Fund Busting

“Money is a Renewable Resource that will positively attract to you with the correct Capital Language Skills”.

CEOSpace Fund Busting Training System has successfully trained thousands of CEOSpace Enrollee”s The Language of Capital to raise tuition proceeds to attend the Forum, if the enrollee requires to raise capital to for their Lifetime Membership.  In order to participate in the Fund Busting process you must enroll here.

Select CEO Space account manager “Cheryl Adams”.
To save time, call Cheryl for assistance while walking through the enrollment (302.222.7546)

Your next step is to go to to register.

1. Enter your email address

2. Password is your Zip code

3. Print 7 point check list

4. Listen to the Audio

Consider, If we do what we’ve always done, we’ll get what we’ve always gotten. Learn something new, do something different, and create a new, abundant life for yourself!


Our Fund Busting teleconferences are designed to “hold your hand” through capital skills practice sessions, so you can raise your tuition fee for CEO Space lifetime membership. Each training call is part of a process, one helping the next. You will hear different coaches, participants, and teacher styles. As with any serious skill training, you need them all to win. Your agreement to consume the $3,500 we invest into your training by showing up in the class room, is part of the mind set that creates big deposits. Keeping your agreements is as important as any part of Fund Busting.


Hold yourself, and allow us to hold you, accountable for your process as you make FUND BUSTING your priority, with other life events revolving around the activity that brings you the big dollars. Your agreements include doing the seven step system in sequence, which includes attending every call until you share how you developed all your capital, on a final call. The share call is your final and seventh step. Your Club President, (Rob & Cheryl Adams) and our global CEO Space home office making the investments in your program, will follow up with you to work by your side. These calls are every Saturday, with your agreement to be on every one until you raise your capital. Enjoy the journey as we invest in you, while you invest a little time along the way.


Rob and Cheryl Adams, CEO Space Mid Atlantic Regional Directors, have a nearly 100% success rate with individuals who follow the Seven-steps of fund busting. They are successful in assisting individuals in getting all the capital they need to join CEO Space and attend the Free Enterprise Forum. Most of us never learned the secrets of creating successful business. We do what we do, because we’ve always done it.

Transform your language around money and transform your life. When you know the language, when you know how to make your request, when you ask people to invest in you, you increase the probability of getting to “yes!”

Be certain to use the resources available at the CEO Space Fundbusting web site.

If you are committed to getting out of the rat race, moving forward, and having a more secure financial future, you need to be on every one of these calls. Be on EVERY ONE until you raise your tuition. They’re all different.

Thousands have been through this program, and successfully raised thousands of dollars; if you work with us, you can too.

These tele-classes are provided at no charge by CEO Space graduates; volunteers who have the desire to help others move forward with their business.