Berny Dohrmann, CEO Space Chairman/Founder, has helped thousands to reach a new level of prosperity with their businesses and in their personal lives. His vision and genius have guided CEO Space to new milestones in its mission to help entrepreneurs around the world. Driven by a selfless desire to create a world in cooperation one CEO at a time, Mr. Dohrmann has carried on the tradition of service started by his father, Alan Dohrmann, who mentored such luminaries as Walt Disney and Napolean Hill.

He is dedicated to support every dreamer achieve their dreams and as the CEO Space mission statement says, he ‘won’t quit until everyone wins.’ “If Bernhard Dohrmann is teaching live, cancel other plans and make it a point to attend the lecture,” said Jack Canfield, author and contributor to the The Secret.

Mr. Dohrmann is an author, public speaker, corporate trainer and creator of Super Teaching. He has also pioneered one of the most advanced youth training for teens in the world, hosted semi annually at the CEO Space free enterprise forum, and is instructed by world famous youth trainers and Chicken Soup authors, Eve Hogan and Lisa Nichols.

CEO Space Instructors

  • Bob Proctor – Life Success Productions
  • Eve Hogan
  • Sherita Herring-Non Profit Strategist-Kreative Images Foundation
  • Kevin Harrington-Invention & Infomercial Guru
  • Michelle Anton-Producer, Authorof Weekend Entrepreneur, Strategist, Speaker
  • Jack Canfield – Chicken Soup for the Soul Author
  • Chuck D. Vollmer-Author,”Jobenomics”, Economy Strategist
  • Les Brown-Motivational Speaker, Master TrainerAuthor
  • Michelle Price-Social Media Strategist-Social Media Savy
  • Lisa Nichols - “No Matter What” & Chicken Soup, African American Soul Author
  • Dawn Bain-QVC Agent, Author, Trainer
  • Rand Brenner-Licensing Expert-Licensing Consulting Group
  • David E. Stanley-Impello Films-Writer/Producer/Director and Best Selling Author
  • Bob Circosta – Home Shopping Network
  • Harry Lay – Lay Professional Services, Inc.-Business Strategist
  • Ed Bogle - Business Strategist
  • Vince Molina – The General Contractor of Business
  • Gerry Foster- Master Brand Strategist-Dare2bdifferent.net
  • Greg Reid-Sherpa Press, Author, “Three Feet From Gold”
  • John Gray – Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus
  • Dominique Johnson-Business Consultant, Uniquely Dynamic
  • Jill Lublin -PR Specialist, International Speaker & Author Guerrilla Publicity
  • Chris Collins-Brand Designer-American Design Co.
  • Erin Saxton-Public Relations & Media Expert-The Idea Network
  • Hugh Ballou-Transformational Leadership Strategist
  • David Tyerman – World Famous Branding Expert
  • Karla Dennis EA-Tax Strategist & License Enroll Agent in 50 States,Tax Cohesive
  • Jacqueline Warner Esq.-Hinman, Howard & Kattell,LLP
  • Maria Septh Esq.-Jaburg & Wilk, P.C.
  • Burke Franklin-JIAN-Developer of BizPlanBuilder
  • Andra-Nina Davis-Sponsorship Specialist~On Top of The Game Productions
  • Paul Hoyt-Hoyt Management Group, Capital & Sequencing Coaching Strategist
  • Thomas E. Jurgensen Esq.-Jurgensen Billasenor, APC
  • Patrick Smyth-Innovation Habitude~ Business Strategist
  • Brett Harward-Manifest Management, Trainer & Author, The 5 Laws That Determine All of Life’s Outcome
  • and many more!